A session gives me direction

As a creative thinker my thoughts are often up in the air, just above eye level in fact, floating around like a jigsaw caught up in a space without gravity.

Up their the whole world is in my vision, I see potential and connections where others might not.  I love it up there, it is fun and this skill is exceptional and has always served me well. I have to make a conscious decision to notice the detail on each piece because generally with a few shades and simple outlines I can piece it together quite quickly. I can do that well and there are other things I don’t find quite so easy.

Have you noticed that you are good or even great at somethings but not so great at other things?

The reality for me is that I do need the detail from those jigsaw pieces to run a business and a home successfully. I also need the detail if I want others to understand me and I need detail to communicate the message of what we do as a business, my values and my beliefs. It is all very well them being crystal clear to me up there but they are no good up there in my head if I am the only one who can see and appreciate them.

How do you consolidate your thoughts into managebable and actionable steps?

What is working for you right now?

I have tried many techniques from list writing, to prioritising and they are too static for my brain, I like things to be flexible and moveable and changeable, because life is and we have to change with it. Post it notes work to some extent they allow me to pour single items on to a single piece and move them around and disregard when no longer applicable.

But the most effective way I have discovered for me is being asked the Extreme Listening for Productive Thinking questions, aka Clean Language at a higher level which is called symbolic modelling. This is where a skilled facilitator takes you through your metaphor and helps you understand your complicated thoughts in very simple and effective way.

With this process I can sort everything in my head up there where it works best, I can then slowly select one or 2 jigsaw pieces to bring them down for closer scrutiny.

Before I had these questions the transition from imagination to action was more like someone turning on the gravity button and all the pieces of the jigsaw would fall onto the table. I would then have to sift, and sort and muddle my way through confused by the bits that were upside down and no longer seemed to represent anything. I would then grab a handful and bascially take a stab in the dark at determining which was the next best peice to work with.

Where as this process allows me to work with my brain in the way that is best for me. Things stay floating and I can move them about and re- arrange them all in my mind and my imagination.

A session gives me direction and allows me the time to become more familiar with a section of the jigsaw or an individual piece, which invariable leads to success without stress.

If this sounds like your worst nightmare, the great news is that the process works with you and your brains own way of working so it always works.

Recognise your learning

What do you know NOW as a result of reading this, that perhaps you did not know before? if anything?

What difference does knowing that make, if any?

Plan your next best step

What would you like to have happen next?

Can you?

Please share your comments below, we love to listen.

Thanks for listening,


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