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Step by Step Listening specialise in supporting, training, coaching and mentor individuals who want to lead at their best. You are probably someone that is a little frustrated right now because some members of the team just don’t seem to listen. You will recognise the breakdown in communication skills and yet seem unable to resolve or teach others to listen.

How to lead a team
Power Groups

Our team of Clean Language Facilitators partner to provide you with a unique group facilitation service called Power Groups that can be modelled and used in your own team, through Power Group Plus we share openly with you the 8 Simple Steps to achieve communication success without stress.

[WCSubHeadline]How to Lead a Team[/WCSubHeadline]

Our 12 month programme takes you from simply chatting to chatting with purpose. Helping you develop the strategies and resources to listen on a whole new level.

You will return to your team with a clearer mind and more able to listen to what is happening for them so that you can engage more effectively, understanding what they need from you to listen at their best.

You will effortlessly introduce the fundamental principles of Clean Language to your team creating a group that can provide peer support without peer pressure.

As a leader you will:

  • Gain clarity of your thinking
  • Recognise the difference between what you are saying and what is being  heard
  • Learn how to develop a team that listens with less judgement and assumption
  • Create a feedback system where your team can speak openly and honestly
  • Know how to dig down to the real problem with effective questions
  • Know how to get others to listen
  • Create a team that value being asked questions and having the information rather than the person challenged

Your monthly Power Group session will provide you with time to review what is working and what is not working and help you plan your next best step.

Power Group Plus enables you to learn how to practically apply and introduce the questions to your team, creating a team that can listen and communicate more effectively.

When a team are all able to ask these 19 questions of themselves and each other they are able to solve problems for themselves, think more creatively and plan their next best step with confidence.

Taking the pressure off the leader to have all the answers and instead you simply have to remember the overall outcome and 19 questions. Freeing your mind for creative thinking and planning.

You will have the skills to support the ongoing development of groups that can:

  • Self support
  • Develop self awareness
  • Be more responsible
  • Be accountable for their own actions
  • Feedback constructively to others the impact their actions.behaviour are having

We aim through this site and our free guide to provide you with everything you need to know how to lead a team successfully