Meet the Team




Sheryl Andrews – Founder and Power Group Faciliator

Sheryl has always been at her best when leading and managing a sales team. With 25 plus years experience Sheryl more recently focused her attention on how to create a strong and resilient sales force.

The key to her success today was learning how to reduce the time it took for the sales manager to motivate and inspire the team. Through her unique group facilitation model called The Power Group Model Sheryl loves taking the expectations of a team to the next level.

Quote “People often say that motivation doesn’t last, well neither does bathing that is why we recommend you do it daily” Zig Ziglar






Ros Bristow – Power Group Facilitator

Ros a qualifed music teacher is passionate about empowering individuals to tune into their natural talent and trust what works for them. Ros brings to the team a calm strength reminding us all to find our own rhythm to work at our best.






Lesley Holyoake – Power Group Facilitator

Lesley has many skills but the one we value the most is the uncanny knack of getting individuals to acknowledge how things make them feel. Her greatest love is horses, they instinctively give her feedback in the moment, if she is restless the horse is restless.







Lynda Nel – Events Manager and Admin Angel

Supports the team in various guises and has learned the questions by osmosis.  Lynda is a great example of how introducing the principles of The Power group Model can influence the performance of others even if they don’t have any formal training.


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