How to Lead a Team

Are you chatting with purpose or simply chatting?

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How to Lead a TeamI often hear busy stressed and up against it  leaders become frustrated at staff chatting about the week end or the boyfriend or the kids. The leader’s perception is that these people are wasting time.


How do you know that?

Much of this agitation is based on assumption and in some cases a wish they could stop themselves for a ‘chat’.

Others I know cannot stand it if a member of the team is ‘negative’ they describe them as mood hoovers.

What if this all different ways of people solving problems, what if someone had to talk to a colleague about the weekend to get that off her chest so she could be more proactive with the challenge she had on her desk.

What if talking about the problem helps them understand it and able to solve it?

Then what happens to wasting time and mood hoovers?

Much of the stress we experience in the workplace is based on assumption. A great question  to ask yourself is:

How do I know that?

Consider what do you hear and see that tells you that?

When I facilitate leaders with this frustration I ask:
What would you like to have happen?

They say things like:

  • I want them to get on with what they are paid for
  • I want them to appreciate the pressure we are under with the budget time is money
  • I wish they would be more positive

Did you know that we all need breaks to work at our best and solve problems?

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Notice next time you have a problem to solve what works?

Perhaps you have ‘networking events’ on the golf course with your fellow managing directors?

When you have a break and connect then what happens?

One of the first steps to achieve success without stress is to listen without judgement, take time to be interested in the person and not just about what you want and need from them. But be prepared to listen to what they would like to talk about. It can take as little as 15 minutes a month to make the difference.

What do you know now?

What difference if any does knowing that make?

Then what happens?

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