Are you like a River? Want to Go with the Flow?

How to solve problems at work

When we work with clients they sometimes feel like they are drowning or swimming against the current.

One client recently discovered the ladder that got her out of the pool and since then she hasn’t needed our services because she now has her own metaphor resource to enable her when she gets stuck.

Mark came across this video which I think demonstrates beautifully how much easier it is to communicate what you mean if you have a metaphor and that it is okay to be different. It can make all the difference to accept your own unique way of doing things, to know that just because some people who have been really succcesful do it differently, it doesn’t mean you have to do it that way if it doesn’t feel right.

The river metaphor mentioned here may or may not work for you, I just ask that you take a moment to notice the passion he has and how connected he feels with this process, now that he understands what works for him.

Through our step by step listening process you can develop your own bespoke metaphor that helps you understand what works for you.

Through metaphor you can communicate your message clearly to others just like this.

Would you like to make sense of the things you can’t quite put your finger on?

Check out this video and share with us below your thoughts.


Thanks for listening

How to solve problems at work






Sheryl Andrews

Founder and Power Group Facilitator

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