Are you speaking the language of your team?

There is great power in a group, if they are managed and understood well.

The hardest part of course is the managing bit. People are so unique and the biggest problem we see everyday is the leader that does not yet realise that not everyone does or thinks as he/she does.

Are you aware that you maybe all speaking English for example but each one of us has our own meaning of the words in our vocabulary. For each and everyone it will depend where we were, how old we were etc when we learned that word.

I have been in many a meeting where the language actually was almost foreign. I have heard that for some organisations they speak in jargon and lingo espeically to keep others from feeling part of the group. Not exactly condusive to a power group eh!! In fact I have been known to leave a seminar before now and spend 2 hours in Waterstones with a coffee and a dictionary and still could not quite get what they were talking about. Now if your first reaction is that I am the stupid one, think for a moment. Someone has held a seminar and they are not talking in a language the audience can understand who is the stupid one??

  • How do you know if you are truly understanding someone or they are understanding you?

As always it comes back to not making assumptions and asking questions, the right questions. If you ask a leading question they may well answer with what they think you want to hear.

If you use a lot of jargon most people don’t want to lose face and admit they have no idea what you are talking about. It took me awhile to get over the fear of judgement and now and just say and what does ……. mean to you. Often they can answer and sometimes they are simply using the word because it seems the done thing and they can’t quite explain it. I am not asking to humiliate or embarrass I am asking because I don’t understand and I must emphasise the intention behind the question is very important.


Thank you for listening


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    1. How interesting, I never knew that. I wondering if there is a relationship between bus driving, conducting and team leadership?

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