Are Your Communications Up to the NASA Standard?

 How to make a good decision

With our focus on how to make a good decision I thought it was interesting to share that in the 1970’s NASA made a study around the subject of pilot error in relation to a number of fatal incidents that were occurring in the civil aviation industry at the time.

A major discovery was that many crashes which were attributed to pilot error were at least in part founded in the ‘god like’ certainty of the pilot of the aircraft.

This NASA finding got me thinking about how some of the business owners I have met run their businesses. I noticed this same ‘god like’ certainty in their decisions and relationships with their team.

Do you ever find yourself thinking or even saying something like, “Be reasonable, just do it my way” or perhaps you know a boss like that or even a parent like that. Hopefully you have got the idea and understand the concept of a ‘god like’ decision.

Subsequently  NASA adopted a system used to change the attitude and actions of pilots, it is called cockpit resource management (CRM).  The basis of the system is that every crew member of the aircraft is given the right to communicate their information and opinion on the decisions being made in the cockpit of the aircraft.  This new system brought to the cockpit the idea of the wisdom of a crowd rather than relying on the wisdom of a dictator.

Aviation is now operating at a performance level of 3.4 defects in one million chances and a part of this success story in making our plane ride less risky than the drive to the airport has been all about CRM and the communication benefits it has brought.

Just think what could be achieved in your business if you had a system in place that allowed the wisdom of the crowd and removed the knowing dictator from the pilots seat.

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How to make a good decision






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