Sometimes Friends Ears Can Become Your Eyes

Have you ever caught yourself doing or saying any of these things:

  • I wish I could hear myself think
  • I need time to think

Or perhaps you have given advice, then thought blimey I should do that too

Stopping for a few hours a month or a few minutes a day to notice your own thinking and the advice you give others could be the thing that helps you to work, learn and live at your best.

Try creating a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, you could:

  • Journal
  • Talk to a friend if you know they will listen without interruption or interpretation
  • Record it
  • Film it

A space where you:

  • Can pour out the old thinking to make room for the new
  • Won’t be judged
  • Know your thoughts and your opinions are honoured and respected

If you could have a space like that then what happens?

For many of our clients this is exactly why they come to us for either an annual retreat or a monthly time out session. 

Please tell us what thoughts or feelings this has sparked off today, we love to listen.


Thanks for listening

Sheryl Andrews

ps Struggling to make that space happen check out Power Group Days

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