How Can You Coach Someone Who Doesn’t Have Any Goals?

This was an interesting conversation I was having with my business coach recently.

He asked one of his clients “What are your goals for your business”

The owner replied “I don’t have any”

How do you coach someone to achieve their goals if they don’t have any?

Business coaches, team leaders and managers a like can get very frustrated if others don’t have goals.  They can almost be in shock at the outrage they have no goals they see it as a lack of ambition or drive. Many of our networking marketing team leaders find it so frustrating that others simply don’t see things in the same way they do.

My thought on the matter is that everyone has goals. Even if that goal is to do nothing.

The problem is not the lack of goals it is the lack of understanding around the language that person would use to describe their goals. The word ‘goal’ has many connotations and can be interpreted in so many ways.

What does the word ‘goal’ mean to you?

Is it something you shoot at?

Is it something you are aim for?

Does goal have a size or shape?

I am curious because the more I understand my own language the more I am aware that sometimes I use words that not even I truly know what I mean by it until I take the time to explore it.

I have also noticed with this particular word it would depend who asked me. If a business coach were to ask me then I would assume goal to be something bigger than I would have at first thought possible, it is something that is probably going to scare me and take me outside my comfort zone.

So do I have goals? Not really I have a plan and I have an idea of what I would like to have happen and I have some steps I am happy to take to get me there.

I have ambition for definite and I have dreams big exciting and vivid dreams of what I would like to have happen.

Are dreams the same or different to goals?

I remember someone saying that goals are dreams with action plans attached to them.

The point being that if you ask a question like do you have goals people might have ‘something’ but they simply would not describe it as a goal.

If you ask a clean question like:

What would you like to have happen?

More often than not they will respond with what they want and that is their own personal desired outcome, their goal.

The problem therefore is not that people don’t have goals but they often have an outcome they want that they would not personal describe as a goal.

How much easier is it to coach someone if you know what they want?

Please do share your thoughts on what this word means to you.

Kind Regards

Sheryl Andrews

Founder and Power Group Facilitator

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