Can’t Get Them to Understand and Take Action?

Setting you up for Success

Have you ever repeated a message over and over hoping to get through?

Have you ever raised your voice, like that will make the message get through some how?

I have written almost 147 posts in an attempt to share/tell you how to engage in productive discussions, successful conversations and generally better verbal communications.

The biggest challenge is that I really don’t know what is best for YOU or what will work for you, which is why I don’t train people to have better conversations and verbal communications. Instead I enable them through carefully crafted questions to discover what works for them.

Sometimes it is trial and error, you have a go, you review which parts worked and which bits didn’t then you improve and trial again. Other times when you really stop to think about it you can remember a time when it did work and you can learn from that.

What I know works every time is:

1. Be clear what you would like to have happen then set that aside. It is important to park your own wants and need temporarily if you are going to effectively listen to others and hear what they would like to have happen.

2. Ask the other person what they would like to have happen. Listen without interruption, interpretation or judgment. Ask questions to understand their perspective. (If you struggle with this we can help)

3. Then share what you would like to have happen and notice if their are any relationships between what you both want.

Once you have a clear understanding of what you both want that is the same you can clearly discuss what is not working and what needs to happen for it to work better.

Please do share what happens next and what, if anything you learn from this activity.

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Thanks for listening

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Sheryl Andrews

Founder and Power Group Facilitator

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