I now have confidence to lead my team



Karen Thompson a Mary Kay Sales Director for 14 years, and I met through an introduction from Belinda Butler a Step by Step Listening client and also a Mary Kay Sales Director.

Karen has a team of 60 and supported the development of Power Group Plus by attending the pilot in Feb 2012 and providing us with regular feedback. Karen a mum of 3 aged 27 to 31 based in Maidstone Kent.



Karen what was happening just before you started working with Step by Step Listening?

I was in a rut with work and feeling frustrated.

What were the sessions like?

At the first session I wasn’t sure what to expect.  However, once I started putting into practise what I had learnt, I soon realised how this could work for me and improve my business.

What has happened since attending?

I am able to make decisions more easily.  It has taught me how to work effectively with my team and I now have confidence in my ability to lead.

If you were to recommend this programme to a friend what would you say to them?

Whether used at home or in the workplace, simply allowing someone the time to reach their own conclusions – sometimes with surprising results – builds confidence and self esteem.  It proves a point – we are all capable of determining our own future.

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