I now have the confidence my methods, are the right ones for me


What is happening at work now?

I now have the confidence that the methods that have helped me be successful for 11 years are the right ones for me and I don’t need to change to be like others. I have seen areas I have neglected and have seen the benefit of working on them and within 2 months I had 3 more leaders taking me and my team much closer to our business goals. I did find it hard not to give suggestions and to stay quieter longer but I am already noticing how much pressure it takes off me if all I need is the right questions so they can find their own right way for them.

What about at home?

I have looked at what my son needs to grow and what I can do to aid that, letting go has been hard and emotional but the results have been amazing. Almost immediately the atmosphere at home softened. My son will now eat and chat with us. He joins us at family events. He asks for guidance and help. He has started to take more responsibility.

All by listening clearly to what I wanted to have happen and by listening to what he wanted to have happen?

How do you personally feel?

I am much more relaxed- this was actually pointed out by a good friend who at the time did not know I had been working with Step by Step Listening. Funny she is now working with them too. I recommend this programme to many of my friends I say it that working with step by step listening is like:

“time to explore your own solutions no-one dictating to you what you can or can’t do- but finding out for yourself by hearing your own words and exploring what they mean to you.”


Tracy Hickson,  Divisional Leader for Usborne Books, Mum of 2 and I met at Networking Mummies Hampshire in Sept 2011.

Tell us about your business

I run a business that fits around my family and my life sharing wonderful books that make a difference to how people learn.

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What was happening at work before you started working with Step by Step Listening?

Work was going well but slow and my biggest challenge was articulating what it is I did when it worked, so that I could share this with my team leaders and the amount of ‘wasted’ time I spent making suggestions only to find the team member did not implement or take action.

What kind of team is that team?

A team of 60 and a division of 450

What about home life?

My 17 year old son had dropped out of college and in fact seemed to have dropped out of life, he lacked motivation or drive to find a job and seemed only to aspire to get the ‘dole’ when he was 18. This left me very frustrated and worried about him, which often resulted in heated discussions that were certainly not productive.

What kind of sessions did you attend?

Private sessions with Sheryl, the pilot for Power Group Plus and Power Groups.

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