Clear Desk/Messy Desk: How Does Your Desk Impact Your Performance?

I have been fascinated to hear how Fiona helps her clients organise their office space giving them more time to work smartly and effectively. I am now more aware of how my desk makes me feel and the impact it has on my performance.

What happens to your performanc when you focus your attention on your physical environment?

What happens to motivation and ideas when you have the opportunity to listen to what works for others?

Working with Fiona for me has been a bit like the experience our clients get when they attend our Planning and Time Managment Business Retreats, dedicated time to learn and share what works in relation to time management and organisation.

We set aside time to explore what works for us, to plan and manage ourselves, as well as what we needed to work in partnership.

I have become really curious about what Fiona recommends and how some of her tips makes sense but others just don’t work for me.

With increased awareness of why things are important to you and others, you improve how you manage yourself when working with others.

Imagine having a working partnership where it was okay to be different and that you could express an opinion or suggestion  in complete confidence, no one will tell you what they think or that you are wrong or judge you or critique your ideas.

Imagine a partnership where it is safe to think out loud and learn from others.

This is what happens next, when you as a business owner create that kind of relaxed environment to learn.

You understand what works for you and you will pick up and adopt ideas from others that naturally fit with your way of working.

You will be respectful of what works for others and help them work in a way that works for them.

Our clients often say they could not beleive how simple the solution really was, it is often right in front of them and they just could not see it.

Whilst working and listening to Fiona, I have been able to hear all kinds of different ways to organise time and space.

Today I am focusing on one of her tips in the article 7 Top Tips for Better Time Management. Fiona said “At the end of each day, it is a good idea to try to clear your desk.”

This is a photo of Fiona’s Desk at the end of the day:

how to make a good decision





What was interesting for me is, I thought that it looks unused.

I played with this thought and noticed that I hate to clear my desk like this, because once I put things away they go out of site and out of mind. This then sparked off the thought that everytime I have clients I take down all my visual reminders. I questioned why I did that and what happens next?

I did it because I want my clients to have a clear space to think and what happens next is, I often forget to return them to the wall and I lose focus on what the priority is right now.

This whole idea made me recognise that I did need visual reminders to be more time efficient and although the solution for me was not to clear my desk away, it did help me recognise something else I can do to make myself more time efficient.

I now leave the important visual reminders up, my clients have said that it gave them ideas and inspiration. The great thing is I have found a solution that improves my performance and my service, win-win.

As I write this article, I am recognising that I probably do need to clear my wall once a month. I can see that many of the visual reminders are out of date and not necessary any more. In fact they have become routine now, so I no longer need a reminder.

Therefore, what works for me to manage my time better, is to keep visual reminders around you to keep you focused on the most important tasks and then refresh and review them regularly. That all came from someone else suggesting I cleared my desk every night.

Other people’s ideas are great but do you have the strategies to filter what works for you and what doesn’t?

What is happening with your desk right now?

What happens to your performance when it is like that?

What do you know now as a result of this article?

What difference does knowing that make? If any?

Please do join us in the Setting you up for Success group where we will be exploring what impact your desk has on your performance. It would be great if you could share a picture of your desk messy or clear and share what is working and what is not working?

Our team will be on hand to ask questions to help you hear yourself think and Fiona will be popping in and out to offer any tips or systems for those that ask specifically for some advice from Fiona.

Thank you for listening

How to make good decisions






Sheryl Andrews

Founder & Power Group Facilitator

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Fiona Whitehouse

Founder of PA:Anywhere


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