Client Relationships? 3 Easy Steps to Success

Setting you up for Success

how to make a good decision?
How to make a good decision?

If you have reached that point where you are fed up of repeating old patterns, perhaps you are having the same conversation with someone in particular or perhaps you are noticing this pattern has happened with a number of different people.

Either way you are getting the same response and that response quite frankly is just not good enough.

Do you feel like you have tried everything?

Do some days feels like you are the only one in the relationship who is trying to make things work?

No matter how hard you try you are trapped in the same vicious circle or perhaps you keep hitting the same brick wall.

It could be that you are great at creating leads but you never quite close the sale. Perhaps people are saying they are interested in what you do but you don’t want to hassle them.

Perhaps you are finding yourself doing and saying things you know are not helpful and yet it seems almost impossible to stop yourself.

There are 3 easy steps to change this instantly:

1. Set yourself up for success. 

Take time out to be clear about what you would like to have happen. Be clear about what works for you and be able to articulate clearly to others what you need to communicate clearly. Understand your own communication patterns and work with them.

2. Set others up for success

Learn to ask questions that enable others to be clear about what works for them, understand what they would like to have happen and allow them to share what they need from others to be at their best. Learn to listen without judgment, assumption or opinion, just allow them to talk without you emotionally reacting, just listen so they are clear first.

3. Review what works

Notice what does work? or what is working? It can take some practice if you are in the ‘habit’ of complaining about this person or even yourself so take a moment to really notice. You could try collecting notes over the coming days. What is working?

What has worked?

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How to make good decisions





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