Creating a Team Metaphor that’s like what?

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Today Lesley Holyoake who started as a client with Step by Step Listening 18 months ago and is now training as a facilitator tells you about her experience when she joined the team and we created our team metaphor.

Lesley says, “It was like the most fun experience you can have when getting to know people you are going to be working with!



It’s like:

  • understanding how you fit into that particular team with ease.
  • creating an imprint in your subconscious of where you are now, where you want to go and how you’re going to achieve it within the context of the team.
  • understanding what you bring to the table, just by being you but also how the team will be operating.

Sheryl has been working with me over the last year to help me build my own business.  I have attended all aspects of her programme from One to One’s and Power Groups to the Listening Post and even Speed Networking using Clean!  Even though I love being coached with Clean and exploring my own thinking through the metaphor work, I was still blown away by the power of the team metaphor.  Before we started, I had no idea what was going to happen.  However, I did know that whatever happened, would be in alignment with what needed to happen, in respect to Sheryl’s requirements!

  • It’s like I can remember the meeting clearly, remember what was said, remember what I felt and remember what I need to do for the project.

I can only attribute it to the fact that because we started off by establishing our own metaphors for when we are working at our best, that I was able to hold on to my own sense of involvement all the way through the process.  By the end of the meeting, the metaphor we had created just made sense – no more, no less.

Since the meeting, every time I think about the tasks and work that I need to do in connection with the project, I know why I’m doing it and how it connects back to our underlying goals.   I only knew two of the eight other people in the room properly, on a personal level, before the beginning of the meeting.  In just three hours, I had an understanding of which part of the business each individual looked after, and would feel comfortable approaching each and every one of them for advice or clarity on their particular aspect.  That is incredibly different to any environment I previously have been in, where I have sat in a room with people I don’t know but have to work with.

What difference has the metaphor made to me? I feel part of a team, I feel part of a set of cogs all turning in unison with each other and all heading towards the same goal.  I understand where I fit, I understand my responsibilities and I feel motivated by knowing that.

Thank you for Listening

Lesley Holyoake

If you would like to find out more about metaphors I am launching my first taster session called Horse Talk where we will be having fun, demonstrating how metaphors can help gain clarity of your thinking and in particular the power of the horse metaphor. So if you catch yourself saying things like:

  • I need to rein them in
  • or I need to get back in the saddle
  • or they need to stop their horse play
  • or when I am at my best I am like a strong stallion.

Please do join us where we can for a low cost fee give you an experience of how powerful understanding your own metaphors are.

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