What Do You Need to Delegate With Confidence?

How to make a good decisionAs business organisations get flatter in structure and often smaller in size we as leaders have less time to manage our team but need them to make more decisions and take more responsibility on their own than ever before.

Drive by Daniel Pink highlights this challenge and suggests that the motivation of our team by reward and punishment is outdated and potentially does not work in an environment where our team has to be creative and get on with stuff without us the business owner.

This has big implications in what tasks we as leaders decide to delegate and to whom we delegate them to and even further what guidance or systems will be necessary in each case.

Do you ever feel that your expected to be some kind of mind reader, or psychotherapist to analysis all the personalities.

What if you didn’t have to remember all that but instead you could be asked a selection of powerful questions that help you create a model of what works for you and your team?

What if you could create your own bespoke strategy that was built on noticing what works for you personally and could be applied to every person on your team?

Then what happens?

If you know your business growth depends on your ability to plan, delegate and then let go then don’t miss our next Leadership retreat “Do Delegate or Ditch” Putting you back in control of your time.Time out to plan and develop time management strategies that work for you plus gaining greater insight into how you and others make decisions.

It is all very well other’s telling you that you need to delegate the challenge is what do YOU need to delegate with confidence?

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Sheryl Andrews Founder and Power Group Facilitator

2 thoughts on “What Do You Need to Delegate With Confidence?

  1. In truth I grew tired (and drained) by trying to follow management training advice of being all things to all people ie it was up to me to adapt to everyone else. I ended up feeling like a flag flapping in the wind.
    More recently I have worked on what it is that makes me good at what I do and the type of environment that brings the best from me. Now I place much more priority on finding the right place to work than trying to make me the right person. Funnily in doing this I find life more enjoyable and I seem to perform better 🙂
    Delegation is part of that. It pays to understand the type of people it is best to be amongst and then you find delegation up, down and sideways is much more effective.

    1. Thank you for this comment Ian and my apologies for the delay in responding. Absolutely we work with clients to achieve just that. A greater understanding of what works for them so they can surround themselves with the right kind of people and as you say then delegation becomes easier.

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