Do I need help just because I talk to myself?

OMG this week I have been so misunderstood, not once, but twice. Someone in my family and someone in my networking group. One thought I was a counsellor and the other thought the kind of referral I was looking for was someone who was not right in the head.

Interesting I thought, as I tried to fathom out, where that interpretation had come from?

I sat back, well actually I didn’t I walked about in a clean space session with my own facilitator, trainer and mentor Marian Way of Clean Learning. By the end of the session I realised ‘why’ I might possibly have been misinterpreted.

First and foremost people have heard me say something, then interpreted that information based on their understanding of the words I used.

I can now see, how that could have been misunderstood but hey if they had just asked me one or two questions they would have understood.

Now in business it is my responsibility to be heard and understood so I now have to/want to, fathom out a way to get my message across so that everyone gets it. Boy that will be fun, when I am so aware they all learn, hear and communicate in different ways.

What I realised is that I had said for a number of weeks both on-line and off-line,

“I help people have more effective discussions with ‘themselves’ and others.”

This of course implies that people talk to themselves which for many people could mean they are mad or insane.

The fact it got me some laughs I ‘thought’ (a big assumption on my part) they related to it. How interesting you see, I often talk to myself. I was so grateful when mobile hands free came out because now when I look up in a traffic queue and someone is watching me talk they assume I am on the phone, but rarely I am.

Yes I talk to myself but more importantly since discovering extreme listening for productive thinking I also listen to myself,  which I believe is the difference  between me and someone who needs the guys in white coats.

So here goes if you are up for a little bit of productive thinking time aka time to talk to yourself and you would like to have more effective discussions with others try this.

When you are listening at your best that is like what?

For you to listen like that you need to be like what?

For you to be like that and listening at your best to be like that what if any resources or support do you need from others?

Take a moment to record your response

Review it and notice what you notice now ask yourself is there anything else about that?

Chose a word that stands out and ask what kind of is that?

Recognise your learning

What do you know now about you and listening that you didn’t know a few minutes ago?

What difference does knowing that make?

Plan your next best step with confidence

Now you know all that what would you like to have happen next?


Can you?

Please do share your learning below we love to listen

Thanks for listening


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