Do you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place?

I am in the process of setting up a new website and working with Web Chemistry to discover a great new way to send traffic to my website. The only problem is that I have to ensure that I create about 100 pages of content that have not been seen by google before.

When I write at my best I am often inspired and motivated by something that has just happened. I want to let the words just flow and come to me. With a deadline and a large number of articles to write it feels like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place or stuck in a vicious circle or caught in a catch 22.

So when you are in a catch 22 or vicious circle, what would you like to have happen?

Many of our clients as they work their way through our Power Group Model, discover ways of breaking the circle or it changes to a virtious circle.

Some have found ways to use the Rock as something that creates support rather than leaves them feeling trapped.

How do you work at your best?

What is happening when you are writing at your best?

Recognise your learning

What do you know NOW as a result of reading this, that perhaps you did not know before?

What difference does knowing that make, if any?

Plan your next best step

What would you like to have happen next?

Can you?

Please share your comments below we love to listen

Thanks for Listening


If you are feeling stuck our Power Group Days are a great chance to explore your thinking and unravel what is holding you back.


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