Do you know what a liquid network is?

How to make a good decision

As you all know I am passionate about connecting people, ideas and enabling them to know how to make good decisions that not only work for the individual but also the group, family, business or organisation. So you can imagine my delight to hear this man talk about all the things we love doing being a great way to create innovative thinking spaces. He refers to ‘liquid networks’ which is where all our communications start.

Watch the video below to learn about ‘liquid networks’.

It is interesting to notice how it makes me feel when someone else endorses or affirms what I already know works. It is like I knew it was ‘right’ because it has worked for me but it is kind of reassuring to know it was a ‘good’ decision because it is working for others too.

It is a 15 minute Ted talk which I personally found worth investing the time in. I hope you do to. Enjoy and I look forward to hearing your thoughts below. I love to hear who thinks differently, so please do comment and share below.

How do you know when you have made a good decision?

I do hope you will decide to join one of our many Free ‘Liquid Networks’ where decision makers share what works for them. Well nothing is completely free you will have the cost of your time, maybe the cost of a call or a cuppa of coffee. How will you decide if it is worth it or not?

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How to make a good decision





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