Do you talk too much, listen too little and forget to give your team a break?

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This is a site dedicated to sharing, success stories and strategies and resources that we as leaders and our clients recognised when using the 8 Simple Steps to clarify our thinking and learned to listen without judgement or assumption.

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Now this might sound obvious, but I have seen many a enthusiastic leader (me included sometimes) brimming up with news to share and information to pass on that they run over and miss out a break.

What kind of break is that break?

Well it can be:

  • A break from talking to/at your team
  • A break from sitting
  • A break from the everyday manic cycle of work
  • A break from being in charge and coming up with all the ideas
  • A break from telling
  • A break from complaining
  • A break from feeling completely responsible for solving all the problems

Notice which break you are drawn to, which did you think oh yes I have to to do that or I ‘should’ do that?

Imagine when you do that then what happens?

Power Groups have 3 breaks:

Step 1 Chatting with Purpose:

For a short period before the meeting formally starts we encourage the group to ask questions and be interested in each other, to find out something you don’t already know about them. It is all too easy to forget we are human beings and just get straight down to business. Taking a break from business talk can improve your teams morale and productivity. It won’t cost you thousands in training or expensive team days out it just requires you to make the effort to be interested and to encourage your team to chat about anything that interests them knowing someone will listen and be interested.

Step 4 Develop Resources:

We have a dedicated section on the power group agenda where the group focus on what is working in the company/team this is where everyone has ‘equal’ time to talk and share their perspective. This gives everyone time to contribute and the leader a break from talking and enables them to listen

Step 5 Break

Taking a physical break, we always stop for coffee and chat half way through the morning. Even when your meetings are shorter it is worth changing space, positions or physically stopping half way through to stand up and shaking the shoulder.

Taking this time in between changing from talking about what works to what isn’t working can have a make a difference to how much the team take away from the meeting.

All too often the team leaders is on a tight time restraint and feels unable to stop. That pause is like giving the first lot of information time to drop into place, settle and ready to receive the next load. Without it what happens is the next lot of communication risks being lost.

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What is working right now when it comes to your team meetings?
How do you know, what do you hear, see and feel that tells you it is working?
What is not working when it comes to your team meetings?
How do you know, what do you hear, see and feel that tells you it is not working?
What needs to happen for it to work better?
Please do share your thoughts below
Thanks for listening
How to Lead a Team Meeting
Sheryl Andrews

Please do share your thoughts below.

Thanks for Listening

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