Do you trust this video from Richard Branson about The Crimson Bandit? We do and why!!

Check out the videos below and how I established understanding. In our experience, you as a leader are doing this everyday, but right now you are unaware.

What determines if you trust the information presented?

Richard Branson and The Crimson Bandit, this video made me realise that for many of our clients before they knew about the Power Group Model they would have been doing all of this on a very subconscious level, unaware of their thoughts. Our process helps you understand this and helps you make more informed decisions. Remember when you read this, it is not only me that does, YOU do too. You are very likely to respond differently but you do do it.

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is this. I watched the videos below today and I know like and trust Richard Branson and I love how he does business on his terms. As a company we are all about training leaders to accept the uniqueness of them self and how to ask questions to understand and not interpret their team members each and every unique attribute and quality, because quite frankly it is a futile waste of energy trying to make them like us and we never really know what someone means until we ask more questions. But the reaction this video has created for me personally is a great way of demonstrating how you as a leader are each and every day communicating and of course interpreting other people’s communication.

How do you know what information to trust?

So how does this relate to Richard Branson? Well I watched his video today and I wanted to start sharing it to help catch the bandit, then I looked at the bandit video and thought mmm very Red like the brand of Virgin. A question we would ask here at Step by Step Listening to gain more clarity here are some I asked myself this morning.

Is there a relationship between Red and Crimson and virgin?

Is Red the same or different to Crimson?

Is there a relationship between Bandit and Richard? 

And Richard and fun and great publicity ideas and Virgin, is there a relationship between fun and Virgin?

So I started to doubt whether I wanted to really share the video in case I looked a fool… Sorry but this is exactly what stopped me. Do you ever not do something for fear of what others might think?

I want to help Richard find his diary, I hate people who steel, and I love Richard Branson. What if this is one of his fun publicity things. Now I have checked the diary, it is not 1st April, I am looking for other clues about how sincere this message could be.

My point is this, you as a leader are doing this in your head in some way or other, I have broken this down and written it out but this all happened in about 30 seconds in reality, the videos are only seconds long. What happens when you are leading a team meeting for hours, how are you interpreting all that information?

If you would like to know how we can help you learn how you interpret information, please leave your details below.

You are communicating even when you think you’re not and we are all interpreting the world from our own experiences and perspective.

How do YOU know if the information that is trading places is accurate and to be trusted?

Solution: Ask more questions and of course I am biased I believe the Power Group Model and Extreme Listening questions are the best way to gain clarity. Intitially I had some doubt and I was not sure about what I had heard, the video of Richard is shorter and something is not right, I have no idea right now if:

  1. He is lying
  2. He is really mad about the bandit and trying to contain his rage
  3. This is a wind up and he is containing is laughter
  4. He is great actor
  5. He is simply being himself.

Now let’s take this back a moment to your business:

How often do you react on your first impression?

How often do you make decisions with not enough information?

So my questions for Richard today are this:

What would you like to have happen next? 

And when a Crimson Bandit has a diary like that what happens to Virgin?

( I get the impression he is always very honest and shares things but now I am thinking, does this man I really admire have something to hide? Interesting isn’t it how we interpret information.)

After writing this I have decided I am going to share the video, I know like and respect him enough to even join in and support a great publicity stunt and or help him get his diary back. Step by Step Listening is also all about community and it would be against our ethics not to help. I also hate thieves so now I am confident that I am acting in line with my own values:

  • Honest
  • Community
  • Fun

Have a great weekend and lets find the bandit together

Thanks for listening






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