Don’t read until after the bank holiday?

This is a quick post as I am just wondering as I have now switched off the lap top, turned off the phone and tuned in with my family and friends. I am wondering how many of you will be wishing you could be completely off over the bank holiday and yet find yourself drawn to your laptop or phone.

Which got me thinking about an article I read some time ago about ‘worladays’ which are part work part holiday. I think it is valuable information to fully understand what is happening when you are working at your best. You see I am at my best if I can scan my emails, read facebook,linked in and twitter and not come back to a deluge of work to clear before I can get started Monday morning. But I also now that I need to know that if I want to completely ignore it all I can that there is systems in place. So for example this bank holiday I have ensured all the posts are ready, my inbox and task bar is clear and I will take 4 uninterrupted days off to listen to myself, my own needs, to connect 100% with my family and my friends. You see I am fully aware that I am like a F1 driver most of the time and if I do not move away from the race track I often don’t hear what my family are really asking of me.

Now this works for me because I know how I do me at my best, I know my pace, I know how many weeks I can do stupid hours and I know when I am stopping and I have a wonderful team that support me. Over the next couple of posts I would like to share with you what happened when my team explored their own metaphor for working at their best.

So here is the questions for you today:

  • When you read this is it work or pleasure?
  • are you reading because you should or because you could?
  • if a bank holiday were just the way you would like it to be it would be like what?
  • is that bank holiday the same or different to the one you just had?
  • now you know all that what would you like to have happen?

As always please do share how you spent this bank holiday and what you would like to have happen during the next bank holiday?

Thank you for listening


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