Family Leaders – Is leading a family the same or different to leading a business?


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What is working for you?

Is it the same or different to leading in business when leading a family?

For me there are quite literally 100’s of parallels, I think for Founders who are leading a team it is even more like a family. The business is much like you baby/child. You believe you know it best and your way is the right way because it has worked for you. But like many parents managing their teens and Founders taking their business through development the worst assumption we can make is that our way is the right way. It is simply the right way for us and allowing our teams or our families to explore the right way for them is vital.

This is where people really struggle until they realise just how unique each and everyone is, yes they may be similar but they are unique and developing an understanding of this uniqueness is vital.

What we believe to be right for many people is to learn the questions that make the difference. Now to be honest this is what works for us and so we would say that. But the more we share the questions it is enabling the ‘leader’ to gain better understanding of what works for them and others.

If you would like to share your experiences of what has worked as a parent/family leader we would love to hear from you and whether this is the same or different to leading in business.

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