Family Leadership and how can you transfer the skills to work?

I am wondering if you are like me, with some people you can stand back and be objective and others they frustrate you. For me it can be a difference of beliefs or vlaues or the enviroment I am in. Leadership skills however are something we have all the time. Much of what we use in business is transferable and what we use at home can also be transferred to work.

Managing a family through the transition of change, be it moving to senior school, leavning home or their first love. Is a little like managing a team who have lost confidence in their job security due to the recession or perhaps recent redundancy or when a team member perhaps returns from maternity leave.

Things have changed and the dynamics of the group have changed whether you like it or not. There is no point wishing it could stay the same it can’t and it won’t. This is summed up brilliantly in the book who moved the cheese.

 I wonder which character are you?

During the many periods of change there is always a point where:

  1. First of all you have to recognise something has changed
  2. Then there is a moment to notice what impact that has had on everything/everyone
  3. Then noticing what happens next and what emerges without assumption or judgement
  4. Then a checking process, checking in with everyone/everything and noticing what is happening now.

This is pretty much the role of a parent or a business owner. Only we may be more effective at this at home than at work or vice versa. We maybe great at creating or noticing change but not so good at checking about the impact that has on those around us.


Consider a recent change and then notice over the next few days how aware you are what has happened to everyone/everything in the system effected by that change.

What has emerged?

Please do share your findings below



Please do share what you learn and together we can make a difference.

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