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How To Lead a Sales Team?

Are you torn between managing the team and generating new business?

Do you want you and your team to have more focus?

Do you want you and your team to be more resilient to set backs?

Do you want to know how to set you and the team up for success?

It can all start with the way you think and the questions you ask yourself.

Where is your focus?

How organised are you?

How patient are you?

When you manage the team what happens to your own sales results?

Power Groups offer a step by step process to develop teams that can offer peer support to each other. A buddy system that allows the team to solve problems, make decisions, develop resilience and ultimately sell more.

Being a great sales person depends on physically taking action and mental resilience.

Sometimes those set backs are in the workplace rejection after rejection can be difficult. If you are motivated by results and the result dry up what works to keep you motivated?

Have you ever taken the time to really think about that?

Sometimes it can be your personal life that throws you a curve ball, bereavement, divorce, teenagers or your health.

What works for you to maintain that professional mask?

What works for you to maintain that pazzazz when inside you feel like hell?

You often already have the resources inside. Perhaps you have overcome a personal trauma or you have been highly motivated in the past. Whether the motivation or resilience is associated with your professional or personal life it is all part of how you work therefore it can be transferred to create maximum strength and resilience as a sales person, sales manager and sales team.

Power Groups provide Sales Teams with a safe space to develop the resources you need to sell at your best more of the time together.

Changing your focus and therefore changing your results can start today with our free guide Success without Stress.

Image of our free ebook - Success without Stress in 8 Simple Steps

Our 8 Simple Steps will help set you up for success every time. By engaging with the power of metaphor you can understand complex things such as motivation and drive.

By encouraging the development of metaphors for a sales team it can be easier to refocus and re-energise your team

This FREE eBook provides you with an overview of the 8 Simple Steps and some coaching activities to get you started.

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When you lead a team stress free that’s like what?:

This is how our clients describe it:

      • It’s like taking the weight of my shoulders and sharing the responsibility with my team
      • It’s like a huge release of pressure, a big sigh of relief
      • It’s like Floating above all of the chaos and seeing a clear pathway ahead
      • It is like a lazy river where everything floats along smoothly with no snags and the whole team are moving in the right direction
      • It like discovering the fun of selling again and everyone enjoys the journey

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5 thoughts on “Free Guide

  1. Love the look of the stuff that you’re doing, thanks for sharing with your book – I look forward to reading it, and seeing what we might learn from each other.

    1. Thank you Claire for leaving a comment the one thing about communicating you only know if it is works if you get the response you want. The trouble with the internet you seem to put lots out and it can take sometime to get the response. Do let me know what you think of it. If you like it you might also enjoy our FREE introductory session the next one is I look forward to hearing from you. Ps love your website too

    1. Please do let me know how you get on with it. We have had some great feedback from all over the world of how it has helped people step back and gain clarity

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