From a Massive Dark Hole to a Freedom Tree on Top of a Huge Hill

I wanted to share with you today a testimonial from a client. Anna Marie starting working with us just a few months ago. She was feeling lost, that she lacked direction. She was unsure what she wanted to have happen but did know she was not at her best.

In just a few sessions Anna Marie says:

I am no longer in the massive dark hole I was, now I’m on top of a huge hill in the countryside sitting under my Freedom tree, the happiest I’ve been in a very long time!

I was first recommended to call Sheryl by a good friend of mine. My friend had only had a free  30 minutes session and she was absolutely raving about her and had already booked in her next 6 appointments!

So I thought I would give Sheryl a call, just to see what the hype was about!

Well the morning I had a session booked I decided to cancel as I wasnt in a great place emotionally but Sheryl asked me not to cancel.

Explaining that working with her was about removing those bad days!

Well the first call as you can imagine I was in tears most of the time but I did have a small break through, over the following couple of weeks I felt like a new woman!!

I then had sessions every few weeks and its amazing how your life changes in that time in between.

There have been a couple of times where I’ve felt I didn’t need to speak with Sheryl but I’ve found they are the times that are even better to talk.

You can find yourself rambling on about things you had no idea you’d be talking about, and ideas you didn’t think you’d have come out with and feelings you didn’t realize you had etc…

If your unsure if this is for you I would say give Sheryl a call she is amazing, I have not met Sheryl yet. 

I will in the future and I will be giving her a big hug as she has helped me so much!  I can’t recommend Step by Step Listening enough……….  Thanks again Sheryl you’re the best!”


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