How to gain clarity about how you learn at your best?

It is surprising how many of us are getting up everyday, working really hard and for some very long hours without clarity, focus and direction. Extreme Listening for Productive Thinking can help you clarify your own thoughts helping you think and work more productively. A big part of our life is spent learning new things, so how helpful would it be for you to fully understand how learn at your best, to be able to invite others to support you so that you can learn more effectively.

By taking as little as a couple of hours a month or even a few minutes per day asking yourself the questions that make the difference you can gain great insight into what needs to happen next.

You can develop and understand what works for you and you can learn how to ask others for help.

Do you know what you need from others to learn at your best?

You are not alone if the answer is no or a bit vague, so if you don’t know how do you expect others to know?

Do you know what you don’t want from others?

I usually get a huge list expressed with great passion and huge amounts of clarity. It is amazing how much detail we can accumulate about the problem but we lack the detail required about the solution.

Change your focus to change the results

Try  thinking  about what would you like to have happen not what you would not like to have happen. Learn to listen and listen to learn, start by listening to yourself

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to develop your own resources and strategies.

Try writing your answers down and coach yourself by noticing which words you are drawn to.

Then find out more about your response by asking these developing questions

Here the questions:

If you were working at your best you would be like what?
Is there anything else about…….?
what kind of ….is that….?
Where is ……………….?

For working at your best to be like that, you need to be like what?
Is there anything else about…….?
What kind of ….is that….?
Where is ……………….?

For you to be like that and for working at your best to be like that what kind of resource or support if any will you need from others?
Is there anything else about…….?
what kind of ….is that….?
Where is ……………….?

Recognise your learning

What do you know now?

What difference does knowing that make?

Plan your next best step

What you would like to have happen now?

Please share what you learn about yourself in the comment box below, we love to listen.

Thanks for listening


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