Give Me a Break I Hear You Cry!!

Step 5 of the 8 Simple Steps talks about the importance of a break and there are quite literally hundreds of examples of where a break is beneficial when it comes to working, thinking, talking, eating, fitness and the list goes on.

Despite all the evidence, many fail to build in breaks as part of their strategy to benefit their performance.

My project for the new year is to write the next e-Book  – ” Give Me A Break” – I would love you to share below what kind of breaks you have built into your life. And what stops you from taking the full amount you feel you need?

In the meantime, I would love to share this article I read on LinkedIn recently by MartinVarsavsky, CEO of Fon. He talks about Time vs Impact and how he does not waste time.

It certainly got me thinking and I can say that I am certainly inspired and even more ready for my guilt free time off over the holidays.


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