Leading at your best- change the focus change the results

We specialise in asking you the right questions so that you can evaluate for yourself what is happening when you are at your best, we help you slow your thinking down so that you are you are able to model out step by step exactly what is happening. It is a bit like getting a movie of yourself doing something and then slowing it down frame by frame. By taking the time to look at each snapshot you can understand in detail how you do you at your best.

So why would you bother?

In our experience one of the biggest frustrations for leaders is when they find something really easy and straight forward, they struggle to understand why others don’t just get on with it.

By slowing your own process down and building a step by step model you will soon realise that nothing you do is ‘just’. Everything is generated over years of various experiences and are built up over time many of which end up being an automatic response.

Do you remember what it is was like learning to drive, do you really remember mirror signal and maneaouver I suspect not unless you have recently had to teach your teen to drive. We guaranteed that many of your own everyday skills are much the same and it is worth being to break it down again.

It is usually around this point when leaders remember how many years of experience and learning has gone into the process and it then provides them with the steps to explain to others but more importantly they generally have more patience for others.

Example 1

MLM team leader with Usborne Books

I worked with a top divisional leader once who was often asked how she managed to maintain such high results consistently. She found it hard to answer because she just did what she did and hadn’t really thought about it. One of the biggest challenges her team had was managing home life and work. This particular leader never felt stressed or overwhelmed by team calls and yet always made herself available. When she modelled it out she discovered there were a series of decisions that she made when the phone rang.

1. she would check who was calling, she had caller id on her mobile and landline.

2. she would then consider the message and how urgent it seemed

3. she would then evaluate the experience of the team member and whether she had told them the answer to this problem before

4 she would consider what she was doing personally and decide whether her existing task took a higher priority

5 once she had this information she would decide how long it would be before responding, the newer the team member and the more urgent would be answered within a couple of hours depending what she was doing. Others would be left a day or two, confident by the time she called them they would have resolved it themselves.

The advantage of this knowledge meant that she could explain how she manages herself at her best to her team leaders and they can if they chose to model her.

This particular leader through this process increased her own confidence in her decision to leave someone a couple of days before returning a call, knowing it helps them be more independent and ensures she is leading at her best.

Example 2

Managing Director of Global Sales Training Company

I worked with a leading sales trainer whose own business was growing rapidly that he had to outsource his cold calling to qualify his list, he worked with us to model out what happened when he did the calls at his best.  Each time he came of the phone we asked questions and modelled in the moment the decision process he was going through. As a direct result of this session he realised why the cold calling out source agents had been unsuccessful they simply did not have his knowledge and expertise, this meant that he could now either expect a lower return on his investment when he outsourced and would be less frustrated and disappointed with them or he spent the time training what he knew first.

By changing your focus you can change the results.

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