Helping This Lady Was A Walk In The Park

How To Make Good Decision When Helping Others?

Lisa Hancock’s of Curly Canine Care – 14 new clients in just 4 months

How to make a good decision

Lisa said “I thought I had no previous experience in business specifically. The questions made me realise that I had 8 years experience of working with dogs, a couple of years customer service and also a year of managing the theatre group at my university.  I soon felt I had a pretty good foundation to build on!

No-one I knew had ever attempted anything like this so I honestly had no idea what to expect as far as how quick customers would come along, what problems might crop up and what advertising would work best – it really was entirely trial and error.

However I wasn’t alone! Within weeks of setting up I started having monthly phone calls with Sheryl and they been a huge boost.

Talking about what I’ve been doing and voicing my thoughts and plans to someone with business experience is great and forces me to actively think and realise what I’m doing right and what I could be doing better.

Effective promotion was my first hurdle and it quickly became clear that on-line advertising via sites such as Gumtree and attracted the most customers.

After 4 months I had 14 customers of which 10 were regulars, so I must have been doing something right!

The Step by Step Listening process actively trains me to notice what is working and what I would like to have happen.

I soon recognised that my customer service skills were a big part of my success so far but what in particular was it that kept them coming back?

My sessions helped me identify that I’m very thorough – punctuation is crucial and on the rare occasion I am a few minutes behind I make sure that the dog still has its full hour walk. Also with any alterations and cancellations I inform my customer at the earliest time possible and am ready to offer them an alternative time/date to make up for it: my time management has to be spot on.

I find having my communication coach to talk to very encouraging. With very little to compare and so early on in the business I sometimes have my doubts and feel I should be better than I am so it’s always nice to have someone else reassure you that you are doing fine!”

As Lisa’s Coach I had  intended to offer a combination of mentor and facilitator, my assumption being she is young and won’t know much. I can’t believe that I have said that out loud, but it is true. Despite all my knowledge and awareness about how resourceful people can be I made this huge assumption.

How wrong could I have been. Lisa has a huge wealth of knowledge from her passed experience to pull on and I have to be honest rarely needs me as a mentor.

Yes I might have mentioned a networking group or two. On occasions I have shared how long it took me to find 14 clients (a lot longer than 4 months) But on the whole all of the success has come from her.

As a parent, business owner or team leader it is all too easy to assume you need to tell them what to do, but the truth is if you can hold back your opinions for long enough they can resource themselves and solve problems faster.

If you would like to find out more about how to listen effectively to manage, motivate and mentor others please check out our free self coaching workbook “Success without Stress in 8 Simple Steps”

How to make a good decision










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