How Andy Bounds Turned Our Marketing Message Around?

How to Make A Good Decision About Your Marketing Message?

I have read a number of articles recently and chatted to clients who recognise they lose a lot of revenue when they discount their services. We had for years given a free first session to allow clients to experience how we work before they commit and although we still offer a FREE 30 minute telephone strategy call we have recently started charging for all our taster sessions where in essence we give up more time and we do have overheads for venues and food. 

I have been blown away by just how much of a difference charging has made to our bookings.

In just 2 weeks our bookings have trebled.

I decided to explore this a bit more to understand what had happened. (That is what we do help you understand what works so you can do it again)

What had we done differently to get such a big change in results?


Firstly we stopped free sessions that had a overhead for us such as venue and food.

We recognised financially we could not afford to keep doing this. This was the first good decision, endorsed by clients and friends who said “If it is FREE they questioned far more whether it is ‘worth their time’.”

For us as a business I think we thought the FREE meant they had nothing to lose, but of course time is a valuable commodity they can never get back.

Okay so charging is the right decision now what? Once we put a price tag on it we discovered we had another challenge.

We now had to improve our message.

Why should people work with us? Why should they give up 4 hours to try a Power Group? 

I had already read the book The Jelly Effect by Andy Bounds but this year he was speaking at the BNI conference and we had an ‘Eureka Moment’ when we recognised we had been making it hard for our clients to recognise the benefits or even that they were a potential clients.

Andy refers to the benefits as the ‘afters’ what will they get once they have worked with you?

We had to ask the questions:

Why should someone give up their time to try our sessions?

Who should give up their time?

Being clear who and why someone would benefit was essential to turning our business around. Andy Bounds’ advice partnered with our questions meant we have been able to come up with a template that really is proving to be highly successful to market to our clients.

If you would like to find out more about the Andy Bounds ABC process you can sign up for his Tuesday Top tips here

What is working about your marketing message?

What is not working?

What needs to happen for it to work better?

Do let us know how you get on?

Kind Regards

how to make good decisions about your marketing message

Sheryl Andrews

Founder & Power Group Facilitator