How do I know if I have the right people in my team?

One book I love is Good to Great by Jim Collins, I was recommend this by one of my clients a few years back.  Jim Collins talks about getting the right people on the bus and then worry where the bus is going. E.g you will create the right position within your company for the right people.

My business partner Ros is very much someone who works at her best when life has a rhythm, (she is a music teacher) so no surprise there.

There was something about Ros at the beginning that I knew was right, we did not have a specific role at the time,  but it has evolved over time. It turns out that I hate looking back over stuff and she loves it. I like driving like a F1 and she needs to have more frequent picnic stops and a pit stop is too fast and manic for her.

With this in mind our team metaphor evolved from a F1 track, into a motorway with a service station.

I felt that in fact her picnic stops were a bit like my pitstops and we were easlily able to adapt.  I also recognised that the regular stops were vital to me, however I don’t always stop long at the picnic stops. Learning to stop a little longer has given me the time to reflect over the figures and facts I often neglect or choose to ignore.

I only know this because of the time I have invested with my team having one to one discussions, remembering to connect with the person as a human being, as well as asking them about what is happening with their workload. The under lying truth is that the team metaphor has cemented us together. Understanding what I am like at my best and what she is like has meant we have blended the best of us together.

What is happening for you right now and how to do you know you have the right people?

For me it is vital to have spent sometime with the individuals of the team (orchestra)  prior to group discussions. It is vital that they are getting the time to practice and play where they are at their best.

The starting point for me is knowing what we are all like when we are working at our best. Asking powerful questions that ehlp you all gain clarity and understanding is fundamental.

metaphors help you see how they fit in with the group or don’t as the case maybe. ( some staff have resigned shortly after these sessions recognising that they were on the wrong team)

A good example of this is when I worked for a company and we conducted one to one sessions with each member of the team. It soon became apparent that if the team were like a football team that one person no longer wanted to be coached or managed and yet he was a great goalie, because he is a very experienced goalie for now he has been left in the goal, however it is apparent that he is shouting abuse from the goal mouth so in time it will have an impact and will need to be managed.

Another realised that he was at his best playing Rugby and although when he joined the company he thought he could adapt his skills from one pitch to the other it was proving hard to do so. In the end he realised he could adapt but he didn’t want to, he loved rugby and returned to a company that played the way he loved.

In short are you spending enough time listening to the individuals either as a group or on a one to one basis. Do you know the individual and understand them.

How well do you know your team?

What determines if you have the right team?

I know that sometimes it is not a case that they are on the wrong team they are simply in the wrong position, especially if you are great at developing people they will often outgrow their position.

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Thank you for listening


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