How Do You Develop Resources and Strategies To Deal With The Tough Times In Your Business?

How do you develop the resources and strategies to deal with the tough stuff in business?

Firewalk, board breaking, Skydive or the way you think ?


One of our clients has a beautiful metaphor for her business. She describes it as a roller coaster, Karen says, “there are times when you just have to hang onto the seat and know it is going to be okay. You have to remember all the rigorous safety checks that have been done and concentrate on noticing the great views while at the top and enjoy the thrill of the down hill rides.”

Through her sessions she has been able to acknowledge and remember the good times, and recognise her strengths allowing the roller coaster to change into a bright and colourful party train with 100 guests.


By working through the 8 simple steps, Karen recognises the resources she already has from all the amazing things she has achieved. You are just the same.  However this year Karen has dedicated her year to exploring new ways to remind  herself of her own internal courage and strength.  She has jumped out of a plane, learned to ski, smashed boards and even done 100’s of firewalks to become a firewalk instructor.

Karen Firewalking

The good news is that many of our clients can gain this insight through the exploration of metaphor and understand what they have already achieved and what works for them. This process is powerful and does change lives.

But Karen’s way also shows you quite literally your full potential, walking on hot coals takes a focused mind and a determination which are essential for a person in business.

So you can either metaphorically consider these things, which we do in our Power Group sessions through the 8 steps or you can physically achieve things that embeds your experience and gives you the resource to pull on when times get tough.

We are proud to support Karen and this weekend (3 and 4 November) she is hosting the Star Biz conference where you can learn how to tap into your uniqueness so you can put it into words for others to read. You’ll also learn how to overcome your fears. You can even do a firewalk if you want to.

I hope you will help us support Karen and share this with your friends.

Well done Karen is it great to see you enjoying the ride again….

Karen hosting a board breaking event





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