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How getting what you want makes you feel unhappy

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Have you ever bought that next desirable object and then felt flat and a bit depressed afterwards?  Or perhaps achieved a goal in your business and felt strangely unhappy about it?  Reading Matthew Syeds book Bounce recently got me thinking about this.

The news is that this reaction is not unusual and is an experience that could well be hard wired into our emotional reactions to achieving goals.  The effect has been noticed in Olympic athletes who having won a gold medal can feel a strange sense of melancholy of what do I do now.  Recognising that this reaction exists and planning for the effect is a great way to have a strategy to deal with it.

The emotion that is being provoked is believed to be one that helps us disengage with our triumphs in order to focus on the next challenge.  Just imagine if goal fulfilment provided infinite levels of contentment then how would we ever move forward to the next challenge?

If anti-climax is the emotional lull that focuses us to set the next goal how could we make this process easier for ourselves and productive in producing motivation for the next goal rather than just mild depression.

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How can we as leaders be mindful of this perhaps with our teams, instead of thinking they are slacking or lost the buzz, perhaps we recognise it is part of the process.

For me the start of this process to not only manage myself through this cycle but also how to manage my team lies in the questions I ask myself.

A great first question could be – when I hit that low what would I like to have happen?

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How to lead a team






Shaun Webb

The Directors Confidant

[WCSubHeadline]How to Lead a Team[/WCSubHeadline]

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