How much is your ability to learn holding you back?

For those that have met me you will know I am a natural talker but a trained listener. As a parent, business leader and even as a friend I had to learn how to listen more effectively both to myself and others.

Leadership whether in business or as parents in the home is a constant learning curve.

Great leadership also requires having the skills to empower others to learn new skills and strategies to work at their best more of the time.

Therefore understanding how you learn and learning ways to improve your ability to learn is vital.

This is why I love clean language, by asking questions of how I learn I have developed a metaphor that resources me to learn more effectively in different situations.

The more I become curious about how I process information and the more self aware I am of what I need to learn, the easier it has been to adapt when the environment is not ideal.

Learning how I interpret the world around me has given me great insight and made a profound difference to my leadership skills. As I learn about how I do me, the easier it has become to develop strategies to manage myself which in turn makes it easier for me to learn and manage others. Knowing that I am very dependent on my visual sensory to learn I have consciously stretched myself to develop my ability to process audio information. Here are some things I have done recently:


  • Listened to my first audio self help book
  • Attended a equine assisted learning day with Tower House Horse
  • Yoga


Each experience gave me another insight into how I learn and how I interpret instructions. It is quite difficult to ‘watch’ a yoga instructor when you are already hanging upside down so I had to really work hard to listen to the instructions. The most important learning was when I was told to listen to my own body and not to worry about how anyone else was doing.  I suddenly became aware of how often I look around a room for visual confirmation I have heard the instruction correctly. In fact I don’t trust my own ears.

I now recognise a vital key to my learning is to trust myself then  I find I am more open to try new things and the world of learning expands.

The horse day was amazing it taught me so much about how I interpret others and the rules I place on myself in any given situation. I was blown away with how many assumptions transpired from how I had interpreted the instructions. As a leader it has had quite a profound affect on how I manage myself and managing others. Ironically the solution would have been to remember to ask questions to clarify which is what I train and share with our clients every day and yet in this new learning environment I had new information reflected and I forgot some basic tools and resources I already had.

One of the ways to develop your ability to learn is to take the time to understand how you learn. Notice what is happening when you are learning at your best?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to increase your awareness of how you learn and the resources you need to learn at your best.

(A) When learning at your best YOU are like what?

(B)When learning is at it’s best learning it’s like what?

(C)For you to learn like (A) & (B)  you need to be like what?

What kind of resource or support do you need for (A) & (B) to be like that and for (C) to be like that?

Please do tell us what you discover.

If you would like to find out more about the questions and our Step by Step Listening process check out our Free E Workbook Success without Stress in 8 Simple Steps self coaching book that can be used time and time again. Or give me a call and let’s have a chat.

Thanks for Listening

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Sheryl Andrews

Founder and Communication Coach