How quickly does your brain retrieve information?


As discussion experts we are all too aware of how important breaks are, whether it is a pregnant pause for comedians or simply allowing someone the time to think or giving yourself the physical and mental break to be in a great place to communicate at your best.

Knowing when to be quiet and actually achieving it is fundamental to discussion success. And of course knowing when to break the silence is equally vital.

How comfortable are you with silence or pauses?
Recognising the breaks you need to communicate at your best and being able to identify and notice how different others are will give you a great opportunity to improve the effectiveness of your communication.
Be curious who do you know that can keep quiet and who do you know that can’t.
What needs to happen for you to communicate at your best?
I need to be absolutely clear about what I want and free of worry to be able to completely listen to someone else without interruption.
Is anyone different to that?
Please do leave your thoughts below and lets see how different we all are.
Thanks for Listening