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Are you a carrot or stick kind of person?

“I have been re-reading Drive by Daniel Pink recently and as always when I revisit a book a new thought often occurs to me.

Daniel talks about understanding human motivation and compares the carrot and stick motivation methods of our industrial past, which got me thinking about what kind of business coach is right for us will depend on our motivators.

It is thought that we are motivated by either reward or punishment but then Wikipedia and Mozilla Firefox which are open source and very successful are paid very little.

What do you think?

Is it your pattern to think like you can’t afford, to beat yourself up, maybe you are motivated by punishment more than you think?

Or are you motivated by other things perhaps the reward of helping others, making a difference or even a new car?

Please do share your thoughts below.

How are you motivated?

It is suggested that for creative type work we are motivated by:

  • The challenge of solving the problem or
  • Acquiring the skill

Therefore a coach that is pushing for money targets is not likely to work unless you can establish a relationship between earning more with the things that really matter to you.

Sheryl worked with Susannah Brade-Waring when she first set up Step by Step Listening and I did the motivational maps. Sheryl discovered that she was not motivated by money which is why the big business coaches that profess she had to spend thousands to double her income never pushed the right buttons for her.

However freedom was a big motivator and it soon became clear that more money could give her more freedom. Now with this in mind it would be important for the coach to listen to the fact that freedom is important and remember to dangle that ‘carrot’ in front not the money ‘carrot’. In my experience many coaches have their own idea of what is important in terms of goal setting they can be a little deaf to what the client is actually saying.

Over the past 2 years I have worked with many business owners who can and do find their own solutions if they are given time to tell their story and focus on what worked in the beginning and remind themselves why they do what they do.

This is why I am now working in partnership with Sheryl to develop my own questioning technique helping business owners clarify their story faster and find the easy solutions that are often staring them right in the face.

The great thing about the 8 Simple Steps they are also teaching you Clean Language which means you can and will be able to coach yourself. Now surely there is no better coach than yourself. The way clean language coaching works is that you are having your words exactly reflected back to you so in fact you are coaching yourself. The coach simply creates the space and focuses your attention by using carefully structured questions that can and will enable you to gain greater understanding and plan your next best step.

So when it comes to choosing a coach the most important thing is to listen to yourself, still struggling call us now for a free 30 mins sessions and we will ask you the questions so you can establish what you need from a coach. ( you might find it is not us and that is fine, we are happy to create the space so you can be sure)

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Thanks for Listening

Shaun Webb


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