How To Gain Renewed Focus In Your Business?

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Tony Armstrong of BMD Global and I have worked together now for a number of years. I asked Tony to describe what it was like working with us and this is what he wrote:




The Benefits

After the second meeting alone, I had renewed focus on my business strategy for the next few months and a prioritised action plan that has helped me understand what I need to do to achieve the results I want.

During our second meeting in answer to the question what would I like to have happen  I came up with my priorities as:

  • To define a clear plan;
  • Develop that into an action plan to implement;
  • Make sure that I was ‘cooking on gas’ in my endeavours to build up my business.

 A tall order by any account, but funnily enough, I do feel I have achieved that inside the hour or so that we had together, thanks to Sheryl and the questions

I have met a number of coaches over the years during my professional career and must say that Sheryl has been like a breath of fresh air in terms of helping me find a new direction and resolve. I have no hesitation at all in recommending her services.

And if you have got any doubts, well all I can say is don’t – Just do it!

How would I describe what Sheryl does?

So far, I have worked with Sheryl on a number of occasions and I have found the experience to be very beneficial indeed – not only for me personally, but also for the business. The preparation for each meeting has been very straightforward. In fact, we started off with just one question… ‘What would you like to have happen?’

The key thing to remember here is that each meeting is your session and Sheryl works very hard at making sure that it remains so. During the time together, you will find yourself facilitating your own thinking under her expert guidance and untangling all the issues that may be wrapped up inside your head – and with her help, you will unravel them!

Interestingly, she does not involve herself in any way in your ideas or thought processes (quite a skill in itself I think!), although the questions she asks are extremely well structured and often replay back to you what you have just said – almost verbatim sometimes. She’s also good at reflecting back to you on how you have said them, including mirroring the body language you have used when you have been talking! It teaches you a lot about yourself!!

The way that the meetings are structured means that you quickly relax and get into talking about your issues and soon enough you find that you are ‘singing to her like a canary. ’ In this way, you actually come up with your own answers in your own mind to your own problems as a result! Very clever!


If you would like to find out more we offer a FREE 30 minute strategy call. 

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