How To Get Better At Making Good Decisions?

How to make a good decision?

One of the skills that most business owners develop over time is the ability to make good decisions under pressure.

Usually the learning comes from making a series of poor decisions which you then learn from and that steep learning curve can cost you thousands.

What if you could learn how to make good decisions faster?

Then what happens?

One of the ways to do this is to ask yourself some really targeted and focused questions. Take time out to reflect and learn in the moment so that the lessons are grasped and applied instantly.

I often say it is a bit like practising the fire drill over and over again when there is no risk of fire. That way you embed the procedure so you can react faster when there is a danger.

Decision making and time management skills are pretty much the same, in the moment it is hard to gain a clear perspective. It often requires you taking yourself away from the pressure and allowing yourself that time to reflect and learn.

We challenge business owners to question themselves and their decisions helping them to update their model of what a good decision looks like to them and how they personally make decisions.

When you understand your own unique process it becomes easier to recognise what you need to ‘actually’ make a decision when you find yourself stuck.

We invite clients to book a session to experience how we work before committing to a 12 month development programme and although many of our retreats can be attended as stand alone events they also provide the foundations for our personal development programmes.

Our unique group facilitation process and the development of metaphors can help you understand complicated things such as your own bespoke decision making process.

At this months Power Group session it was interesting to watch the brand new clients in comparison to those that have attended our programme for up to 2 years.  The new clients were more concerned about what others thought, where as the longer standing members could manage themselves and make decisions based on what worked for them right now. They were more able to brush aside other people’s opinions saving reducing the time spend with deliberation and self doubt.

Nick Clegg said at the end of the session ” I can see now that investing time in my personal development is essential, it underpins all that I do in my business and it solves everything”

Here are some questions to try:

When you are make a good decision what is happening?

What happen next?

What happens just before good decision?

What determines a good decision?

How do you know a good decision?

Please do share below what you discover about how you make decisions.

You can attend a two day retreat as a one off event or part of a 12 month development programme. If you would like to know more feel free to book a free strategy call and unravel what is holding you back. 


Kind Regards

Sheryl Andrews

Founder and Power Group Facilitator