How to lead a team effectively

I was chatting to someone today about the challenges they faced in their workplace and they mentioned 2 members of the team that were really dragging down the performance of the team. In fact one of the staff in question had been the subject of discussion for nearly 3 years. Highly talented in his specific field but ‘considered’ lazy by the Founder.

Another was not co-operating. Someone had been given promotion and although the staff member had expressed he did not want the role he was now not being very cooperative with the new manager.

As the Founder of this company this person was struggling to resolve the issue.

It got me thinking about the questions we use to set up our discussions and how they can and do get used for all sorts of set up.

If you have a member of staff who is not performing try these questions:

If they were performing just the way you would like them to be they would be like what?

For them to perform like that you need to be like what?

For you to be like that and them to perform like that what do you need from others?

Are there any other kind of resources or support you need?

Please do let me know what you learn when you ask these questions


Thank you for listening


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