Leading a team meeting is like conducting a fine tuned orchestra?

Now there is a question, how to lead a team meeting?

If you have read our posts before, you will be aware that we don’t give advice we are a company that specialises in asking questions so that you can discover the right way for you and for your team. You will find once you have asked yourself the questions and then slept on it that the information evolves.

So let’s consider when you are leading a team meeting at your best what is happening? or that’s like what?

How do you know it is working?

What are you hearing, seeing and/ or feeling that is telling you this is working?

Below I have answered the questions for my own team meeting/discussions and you can see my model. Please feel free to share your own responses to the questions I would be more than happy to ask more questions helping you gain the clarity you may be looking for. It is really important to hear different models/processes because their is no right way, only the right way for you and your team. We are always interested in interviewing people who want to share their way of leading a team meeting so that we can share their model on this blog so please do call us.

When I am leading a team meeting at my best, that is like a fine tuned orchestra, everyone has a part and knows when and how to play at their best. Some of the team are like strong powerful trombones but the team all know and understand that is how they are at their best, and the trombone has learned that blasting out with no warning can scare the living day lights out of the rest of the team so the trombone now waits for the introduction that builds up to the big announcement or excitement that comes with that part. The triangle is fully aware that they don’t like to make a fuss and yet they know if they don’t play the tune does not work. The group all know, understand and respect the importance of those few vital chimes of the triangle and ensure that piece is heard by lowering their own volume.

Each piece knows in advance that it will be heard and more important valued. No matter what kind of instrument or how loud or quiet their piece they know their part, their contribution is valued. Our meetings can be facilitated or chaired by anyone of us. In our meeting there are no hierarchy, everyone has equal opportunity and so does the information they bring to the table.

How do I know it is working?

Because everyone is honouring and respecting the information shared. The individual participants express openly what they think and feel whilst other group members ask questions to clarify. There are fewer demonstrations of misunderstanding or misinterpretation like sulking or defensive body language, or worse still discussions after the meeting that are not addressed in front of everyone.

Over time the process has taught the group that if something feels uncomfortable, or sounds abrupt or looks out of order that maybe, just maybe they might have misunderstood and that the first step is to ask questions to gain greater understanding.

If after asking questions they still feel uncomfortable then they too have the confidence to say well what is happening for me is …..or when you do …..what happens to…….?

The group ask the questions and gain the understanding. It is great because in the past I have felt like a mediator where as this process gives my team the skills to ask questions that challenge the information without leaving the person feeling challenged. ( this part does take time but it does happen)

You see when I am leading a team meeting at my best I have given the group the skills to challenge and ask questions of each other without judgement or assumption and I can sit back and watch it play out. I do sometimes contribute with what I am noticing or what my needs are but generally I am in there with the group as an equal and we come out everyone having developed their own role and their own skills a little more, with a clear next step plan that everyone has bought into.

After writing I slept on it for a few days and then realised their was quite a few steps before this happens please do check out what happens just before leading a team meeting at my best?

Thanks for Listening


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