How to lead a team successfully

I read an article today that said the keywords are now collaboration, shared ownership and shared values

So the question today is what needs to happen for collaboration, shared ownership and shared values?

Is there are relationship between this and you leading your team successfully?

Personally I think it is becoming more and more important that we achieve shared ownership, collaboration and shared values. It is one of the biggest hurdles that has to be overcome to lead a team successfully.

What if you could ask the right questions so that everyone in your team felt heard and valued?

I was interviewing a team leader today that has managed all kinds of teams from 1500 to 7, from UK to worldwide and the one thing he said that was vital as the team grew in size, was to gain the agreement of everyone before you moved to the next level. So whether you are moving from 3 staff to 10 staff or from 20 to 400, are you taking the time to really ensure that everyone is in agreement.

Are you all singing from the same hymn sheet for example, do you all buy into the vision and the next steps?

I see growing the team a bit like building a dam each layer or each new member you must check that everyone has fitted together and that any holes are plugged. The bigger the team gets the greater the pressure, making it even more vital that the seams and joins are water tight, that the agreement is cemented in.

Ensuring everyone who has an opinion has been heard, honoured and valued.

Gaining greater understanding of your own process and that of others is not an easy task so what is happening now to ensure the team buy into each stage?

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to explore what is happening when:

  • you are making decisions at your best
  • you are leading at your best
  • you are managing at your best?

Writing out your thoughts and then asking:

Is there anything else about?

What kind of ….is that …..?

Then what happens?

What happens just before?

What happens in between….and ……?

Try it out and let us know how you get on.

Thank you for listening


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how to lead a team

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