How to lead a team to self manage?

[WCHeadline]How to lead a team to self manage[/WCHeadline]

As your organisation gets flatter in structure you as leaders often have less time to manage your team and it is likely you need them to make more decisions and take more responsibility for themselves.

Drive by Daniel Pink highlights this challenge and suggests that to lead a team by reward and punishment is outdated and potentially does not work in an environment where your team has to be creative and get on with stuff without you as the business owner.

If you want the team to come up with ideas and contribute to the solution pot you will first and foremost need to determine who naturally thinks like that and how can you support those that don’t to think more creatively.

[WCSubHeadline]How to lead a team to self manage[/WCSubHeadline]

The most common mistake you as a  leader can make is assuming what motivates you will be the same for the whole team. Also second guessing what you think team members are happy to do or not to do. I am always surprised when I ask the question and what would ‘x team member’ like to have happen? They suddenly have a blinding flash of the obvious they are operating from assumption not fact.

What motivates your team, and how you motivate your team will be different for every one of them and often different for you depending what is happening for you in the moment.

This has big implications in what tasks you as leaders decide to delegate and to whom you delegate them and even further what guidance or systems will be necessary in each case.

Again don’t guess or assume ask them?

What works for you to lead a team that self manage?

Please do share your thoughts below ?

I look forward to hearing what you have to say Shaun Webb The Directors ConfidantHow to lead a team

How to lead a team: considering what works for you is the best way forward because  we are not the expert of your team you are.

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