How to Lead a Team Effectively

“You cleared the fog and resolved my inaction – I now know what I have to do to lead my team effectively” 

“Great questions – I was amazed how far we had come in just 30 minutes” 

As a business owner, are you searching for clarity?  Are you frustrated because things don’t work out as well as they should – and you don’t know why

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Are you taking enough time out to think?

It can be very complicated when it comes to knowing how to lead a team. To enable your team to perform to the best of its collective ability requires an understanding of each individual’s logical and emotional makeup, motivational hierarchy and style of communication – and how all of these interact with all of the others’.

 “I was juggling different personalities, but now I recognise my priorities”

At Step by Step Listening we work with an easy to adopt discussion model that will quickly enable you to clarify your thinking and develop the resources to be a more effective decision maker and communicator.

We come with no preconceptions, and we make no judgments. We will show you how a few carefully crafted questions can bring clarity and understanding fast. Improving your decison making process and your ability to communicate complex things easily to your team.

“I know the answers now, you helped me to locate my inner expert”

It’s very straightforward we ask the questions you wouldn’t ask yourself and you leave with solutions. 

Often it has to be experienced to be believed so we offer a free 30 minute guarantee so you can experience how we work and you can decide for yourself if we are the right company for you.

After our FREE 30 minute call you will have one of three things: 

  1. The problem solved and decision made and no longer require our services
  2. Greater understanding of the solution and awareness of your next best step
  3. You will know whether we are part of the solution 

You could of course leave the call with all three.. 

If that sounds like a worthwhile use of half an hour of your time call us now and book you no obiligation chat now

Telephone +44 (0) 1329 286648 or email

How to lead a team; Step by Step Listening ensures decisions are made faster and communications are clearer.

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