How To Lead a Training Session Effectively?

How do you know if a trainer is leading the session at their best?

How many training sessions have you attended and thought in the moment that the information being shared is mind- blowing, then when you go to practically apply the learning there seems to be a huge gap between knowing something and implementing it?

I personally love it when trainers integrate Clean Language questions and principles into their already high-level of training because it enhances the experience for both the student and the trainer.

Clean Language can be used to set the students up with the right environment to learn at their best and can give the trainer, greater awareness of what he or she needs to train at their best.

With this in mind it is great to shout about our client, Erica Dent, who has recently been nominated the Riedel Wine Educator of the Year 2013 Award, a major international award for her “innovative” wine education and training courses.

HHow to lead a training session

The owner of Hamble-based Enjoy Discovering Wine, Erica, was awarded the ‘individual’ Riedel Trophy by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in recognition of her teaching skills; other winners were for companies’ commitment to training. Erica has been a client of Step by Step Listening for almost 3 years, starting initially using her Power Groups to plan and make decisions in her business and over time that learning transferred into her classroom.

Erica – who had also been short-listed for the trophy in 2012 – received her award from wine expert Jancis Robinson in front of an audience of 500 at the Guildhall in the City of London last week.

WSET Chief Executive Ian Harris said Erica had “excelled on so many different levels”.

He added: “I was delighted that the judges for the Riedel Trophy selected Erica for an individual award. Since she started teaching WSET courses, and setting up her company in 2010, I have personally received many unsolicited positive comments from students she has taught, and the feedback from students is always complimentary. The recent course she ran for visually-impaired students was a particularly challenging task, but she rose to the challenge by using some very innovative teaching techniques to ensure that these students all had a very rewarding experience.”

How to lead a training session effectively?

We asked Erica about what works for her she said “I actively use the clean process to ensure I am resourced to teach at my best and I ask questions to gain greater understanding of what my students need to learn at their best.”

Here are the questions we use to set ourselves up for success. (Thanks to Caitlin Walker and Nancy Doyle of Training Attention who devised them)

  1. When I am training/teaching at my best training is like what?
  2. For my training to be like that (insert response to A) I need to be like what?
  3. For me to be like that (insert response to B) and my training to be like that (response toA) what kind of resource or support do I need?

Likewise you can ask yourself as a student:

  1. When I am learning at my best learning is like what?
  2. For my learning to be like that (insert response to A) I need to be like what?
  3. For me to be like that (insert response to B) and my learning to be like that (response to A) what kind of resource or support do I need?

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