How to lead your team so they self manage?

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As your organisation gets flatter in structure you as leaders have less time to manage your team and it is likely you need them to make more decisions and take more responsibility for themselves.

Drive by Daniel Pink highlights this challenge and suggests that to lead a team by reward and punishment is outdated and potentially does not work in an environment where your team has to be creative and get on with stuff without you as the business owner.

The distinction you have to make in these cases is around the level of creativity required in the work you are giving to your team members.

If you want the team to come up with ideas and contribute to the solution pot you will first and foremost need to determine who naturally thinks like that and how can you support those that don’t to think more creatively.

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If the tasks are generally algorithmic and can be reduced to a series of routine actions then the old fashioned carrot and stick can work. The reality is that the only real way to find out is to ask questions and stop trying to second guess. The most common mistake you as a  leader can make is assuming what motivates you will be the same for the whole team.

In the case tasks that are heuristic and require a level of creativeness and intrinsic motivation in the task at hand needs people who are motivated by the challenge and the feel good factor of achieving it rather than the bonus you may give them ( carrot) or the fact they keep their job (stick)–

For the people you want to think creatively you will need a very different form of motivation.

This has big implications in what tasks you as leaders decide to delegate and to whom you delegate them to and even further what guidance or systems will be necessary in each case.

What does it take to manage a team that can self manage?

Please do share in your experience what works for you?

What happens just before a team member is happy and able to make decisions for themselves?

In our experience it comes down to them doing tasks they love and them having the confidence you the owner will back their decision even if it does not work out 100% first time?

So perhaps a more important question is what needs to happen for you to support your team through success and the learning of mistakes without taking all the responsibility back?

I look forward to hearing what you have to say Shaun Webb The Directors Confidant How to lead a team

How to lead a team: considering what works for you is the best way forward because  we are not the expert of your team you are.

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