How To Make A Good Decision About Planning in 3 Simple Questions?

Plan To Make Some Plans!


“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon

Does that sum up many people you know, maybe even yourself?

Are you so busy planning what’s happening next that you forget to enjoy the moment that is happening ‘now’?

I began to recognise that I got so much pleasure from having  something to ‘look forward to’ that I often missed the enjoyment what’s happening right now!

So I was thinking about how I might work on this, and my answer seemed a rather strange one! 

I thought I needed to plan more!  But rather than planning ‘on the hoof’ or always having the diary out and worrying about what is coming next, I realised that I had to take some time out to plan my plans – in other words – take a block of time out to make plans for an extended period of time, so that then I could get on with enjoying the ‘now’ as now happened.

Seems strange I know.  But with this new planning regime I have found more time for things like yoga, circuits and the gym. Now not only is my business working more effectively but so is my body and mind. I can physically feel the stress leave my body as I stretch and push my body.

So this year, I’m taking my own advice and taking 2 days out of the business and away from the family to clear my mind of what everyone else wants. Instead I will be focusing on what would like to have happen and what needs to happen to enjoy the now even more.

Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself:

When planning is at its best for you it is like what?

For planning to be like that you need to be like what?

Where is planning when it is like that?

Please do share what you learn.

Recognise you need to get away, new space for a new perspective!

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