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We are very proud to say many of our facilitators started life with us as clients. They were so inspired by the process they have since trained and joined the team running their own Power Group Sessions alongside and within their own businesses.

Lesley Downs is one such member and today she is sharing what happens when you have the benefit of 8 Simples Steps and the Power of a group behind you.

Lesley Downs

Hi, I  joined the team in 2012, outside of my life with Step by Step Listening I am a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor with my own private practice in the Chichester area, known as ‘Seabreeze Counselling Plus….’.  I also work with a local counselling charity and the NHS as part of their ‘Time 2 Talk’ service.

I first met Sheryl of Step by Step Listening at a business networking event, she was giving a presentation about the use of the questions and  I was absolutely blown away by how the Clean process worked and how it got people to look into their own world, giving them an opportunity to explore their own thoughts.

There were so many things that were similar to counselling, but there were differences too, it was exciting to think that this unique process of listening and asking questions could be used in business and many other arenas.

I was desperate to know more, so I became a client of Step by Step Listening and embarked on a journey of discovery to know more about these wonderful questions. This involved trying out The Listening Post, a Power Group and then a series of 1:1 sessions.

But still I wanted to know more; the process was working for me – in my 1:1s I was working on developing my own business ideas for Seabreeze, and alongside that I began to realise that I really wanted to be part of the Step by Step Listening team.

So….. I booked myself in for more in depth training with Marian Way; I loved it, a week of soaking up information and practicing my ‘Clean skills’ with the rest of my peer group.

My journey with Step by Step Listening has only just begun, but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

As a client I get a huge amount from being part of a Power Group, sharing and learning with my peers as we go.

As a facilitator I enjoy working with clients, seeing them become empowered to have a greater understanding of themselves and those around them is extremely satisfying; not to mention witnessing them work out ‘what they would like to have happen’ and how they can achieve it.

I am excited and nervous about my first Power Group at the end of October but if you are in the Chichester area and would like to experience peer support without pressure, together we can help you understand what needs to happen for you to change your focus to change your results.

Thanks for Listening

Lesley Downs

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