How to make good decisions and overcome your mistakes

How to make good decisions!

One of the biggest challenges in business today can be the fear of making mistakes and losing money you just don’t have to lose.

The problem with this mental state is that it results in everyone looking at numbers and their minds being more focused  on what is not working rather than what is working.

After nearly 4 years in this business I have learned that the best thing is to step back and get out of the drama and find a moment of quiet time to really evaluate what is happening and what has happened.

Every action creates feedback and some tells you it worked and some tells you it didn’t.  The reality is that if you had done nothing you would know no more than you did before.

However doing something and it not working gives you information for the future. What is the costly thing is to not learn from it and repeat the same thing time and time again.

Then again even this is a valuable lesson to learn, to notice how many times you make the same mistake before you decide to change. Understanding what is working for you, what is not working and how long you put up with it is all part of knowing what you need to make a good decision and overcome mistakes.

Take a moment and think of your life in general, how often do you do something that is not working and yet you do it time and time again.

How many bad relationships have you had that have some similarity about them?

How many times do you repeat an instruction even though you know they did not get it the first time?

How often do you say the same thing just louder?

How often have you tried the same diet knowing even though you know it did not work last time?

How often have you joined the gym and not maintained the membership?

How often have you bought leaflets that you never used and had to throw them away?

These are just a few examples please do humour me and share below any more you can come up with.

How to make a good decision and overcome your mistakes?

The mistakes are not the thing that costs you money it is not taking time to acknowledge them and noticing the patterns. That is the thing that is really costing you time and money. Once you understand what works you will do more of it, when you understand what doesn’t work you will do less of it. In the process of learning this information you will become more aware of what needs to happen for you to become aware sooner that it is not working or in many cases that it simply takes a few attempts with feedback and reviews to really understand if it isn’t working at all.

Please do share what you know now and what difference if any knowing that makes?

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