How to Make Good Decisions and Stop Beating Yourself Up in 7 Questions

Do you ever get that feeling or sense that you are wasting time?

Do you know that you ‘should’ be doing something else that is really important?

And yet you find your attention drawn to another thing.

I found myself doing exactly that today. I had dedicated 1 hour to blog writing and yet 1 hour later I am only just starting. I found myself tinkering on Facebook, answering emails, answering questions my son had, who is home schooled oh! and eating.

All important and yet not what I had planned for this hour.

Do you ever get the sense that you had to do those things first but those nagging demons are telling you that your wasting time or playing the avoidance game?

The more and more I work with the 8 Steps the more I become aware of why it is so valuable to understand what works for you.

By working through the 8 steps and the 19 questions you can create a model of what works enabling you to repeat and implement it whenever you need to. Let me share how I got back on track this morning when I sensed I was off track.

I reflected and asked myself the questions about what usually works for me when I am writing at my best. Be mindful this is my way and yours is likely to be different.

I would love it if you would share what works for you in the comments below.

In this context I am talking about blog writing and you could be ‘avoiding’  or ‘putting off’ something else so merely substitute the words blog writing with the thing that you want to get done but don’t or if you do it ‘seems’ to take longer that it should.

Blog Writing at my best:

What kind of blog writing is that blog writing?

It is writing for 3 websites, guest blogging and sometimes articles for my books

Is there anything else about Blogs?

They often come out of my head in a bit of chaos and I have to come back to them later to edit and organise

And when Blog Writing at your best.

What kind of best is that?

The ideas flow and I can write for hours

What happens just before that?

A good nights sleep and I know before I sleep that I want to wake early and get on with it first thing.

What happens just before that?

I have checked all my emails, my to do list is organised and I am clear of any other worries

Is there anything else about that?

Yes I am the only one up in the house and certainly my clients are not up so it is guilt free writing time, no phone, no email, no to do list haunting me and it is peaceful.

Then what happens?

I have a real sense of achievement, my head is clear and I am full of energy for the day. I know this is a vital part of my business and it is something I love doing so when don’t do it my energy levels are affected.


So that is when I am at my best so what has happened to prevent that happening more recently is that I have had some personal and business relationships that have caused me concern. You know the kind that leave you mulling over and over in your head what to do or say next. The ones that leave you feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. Well those thoughts have drained my energy and disrupted my sleep pattern and Mark my husband and business partner is away so I have had to adjust my role at home.

Now that I have taken the time to think this through with the help of the questions I now know that I want to:

  1. Address the relationships and therefore ask myself some questions about when those relationships are at their best that’s like what?
  2. Use this knowledge to write blogs at my best during the day. I recognise now that the tinkering on Facebook, clearing emails and ensuring Liam was okay is all part of the process. When I write at my best they are all dealt with. the great news is I was not wasting time unless you include the time I wasted berating myself for being so easily distracted and wasting time doh! The only thing I had left to do was to lie down on the bed with a white board, some coloured pens and get my creative thinking going. e.g. rest my brain and allow things to flow like they do when I sleep.

It worked here I am writing away, Liam has come in a few times but it is a great reminder why getting the other things sorted and getting back to morning writing is so important to me. I want to be available to him as well as write great blogs.

Please do share what you learn as a result of answering the questions we love to listen.

If you are struggling and you would value some great questions and peer support without peer pressure then please do check out our Power Groups. 


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